AWS, Quest Time!

I really enjoyed playing this game so much!

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Ready to embark on your cloud journey? Your search ends here!

Well…… not quite :)

ًًWhile famous services such as Google drive, Mega, Dropbox are what come to mind when someone mentions the cloud. These Services are considered Cloud Storage. When it comes to a really broad term like the cloud, cloud storage is one of numerous things that fall under cloud, in other words storage is just the tip of the iceberg!

cloud computing is,

The on-demand delivery of IT resources over the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Let’s start with

IT resources

in the context of cloud computing. this term encompasses a big range of services and capabilities. let me give some examples.

  • Compute power

    Basically, you’re able to rent and use thousands of ready-to-use computers whenever you like without the pain of building the infrastructure yourself!

  • Storage

    would you like to make sure your data is 99.999999999% safe? well, storing in cloud is your friend!

  • Networking

    blazing fast internet connection? yep, we’ve got you covered!

  • Databases

  • Analytics

  • Machine Learning

  • etc..

on demand

Want to get 1000 TiBs of storage right now? no problem! What about 5000 computers? absolutely! Just give the word, and everything will be at your fingertips!


So, there are all sorts of pricing plans out there, but this particular one is what makes cloud computing unique. Let’s say you’ve got this big job that needs some serious computing power, and you’re thinking of buying some computers to get it done. Now comes the fun part – setting them all up and getting them connected. After all that effort, you finally finish the job and it’s all good, right? Well, not exactly. You’re left with a bunch of extra computers just sitting there doing nothing. It’s like you wasted all that time, money, and energy on setting up your infrastructure instead of actually doing what you wanted to do in the first place. But with the cloud, you can skip all that pain! You can create the resources you need in minutes instead of waiting weeks or months. And when you’re done with them, just delete them. Plus, you only pay for the compute power you actually used. So much easier, right?

there’re numerous cloud service providers out in the wild. However, AWS or Amazon Web Services is by far the largest cloud provider with about 34% cloud market share! Some other cloud providers are:

  • Microsoft Azure.

  • GCP (google cloud platform)

  • Huawei

  • etc..

In my opinion, AWS is the one with the most crystal-clear guidance on navigating the cloud!

This platform is your go-to for starting your journey in the cloud! They provide a wide range of both free and paid courses that cover the core concepts of cloud computing. Plus, you can earn badges to showcase your understanding of the cloud!

It’s definitely the most exciting way to start exploring the world of cloud computing! You’ll pick up all the core concepts of the cloud through an engaging game and you can earn a badge! better yet? It’s free!

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner

Issues are cropping up around the city. However,

There’s no FEAR because you’re here!

you, the cloud engineer, are here to intervene! Attentively listening to the concerns of the city’s residents, you craft innovative solutions leveraging AWS services. What’s more impressive? You build these solutions entirely from scratch! with the AWS console that you would use in the real world to solve those issues!

chilling on my floating bike in the city :)

Upon completion of each task you get to build and customize your city with amazing buildings!

a sky scraper for a cloud solution, nice!

you also earn points and level up!

don't forget to rate all tasks 5 stars :)

Let's go!

There are also really entertaining mini games such as.

Zapping drones!

I'm sorry, but you need to go down!

Tameing Pets

There are gorillas and elephants too. not sure how are they pets, but no problem :)

Hey bro, can I sit on your back?

If you want to know what the mini games are, go try them yourself :)

After you complete all the city’s tasks, you’ll unlock the

CloudQuest: Cloud Practitioner Badge


You can see my badge here at Credly.

I absolutely loved every moment of playing this game! I learnd all the core cloud concepts practically while solving real world scenarios.

now look at that smile!

I really encourge you to give it a shot and if you do, please reach out to me and tell me your opinion! If you have friends who are trying to embark on their cloud journey please send this post to them!

At the end, I’d like to thank you for reading this blog post I really appreciate it and you’re the best!

Thanks again! and bye!