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In the last blog post AWS, Quest Time! - supermaker

I talked about the amazing game CloudQuest and how it’s a perfect starting point to learn and use the cloud - specifically AWS - in a practical way! However, the game lacked a really important factor which is good explanation material. Well! No worries!

This learning path - in my opinion - is a necessary complement to the game as you’ll be able to understand the various services and techniques you used to build your solutions as well as other important things such as cloud acquisition.

Better yet! It’s completely free! and you’ll be able to obtain a badge to showcase your skills as a cloud practitioner!

AWS Cloud Essentials Knowledge Badge

preview my credly verfied badge AWS Knowledge: Cloud Essentials - Credly

However, to obtain it you’re required to pass a 50 question exam and your score need to at least 80%. The exam is awesome because it’s almost the same thing you expect when you pay for the official AWS Cloud Practitioner exam, but I really think obtaining both of these badges: cloud quest and cloud practitioner knowledge, is more than equivlant to the paid badge!

This learning path consists of 6 courses. I’ll talk briefly on what you can expect out of it.

  • Job Roles in The Cloud

    a brief course concerned with the different roles people play in a company that uses cloud technology and how different on-premises IT roles translates nicely to the different cloud roles.

    • Most of this course material is written, so expect to read a bit!
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

    The main star of this learning path!

    Delivered by 3 enthusiastic instructors, this course will give you a deeper understanding of AWS and the cloud in general! Understand everything you need with the help of a coffee shop!

    • The course consists of +10 modules, each one concerned with an aspect of cloud such as compute, storage and networking.

    • The course material is primarliy video! with amazing written content following each video to really cover everything on the topic.

  • AWS Cloud Acquisition

    Understand every little thing about the meaning of using cloud and the difference between the usual on-prem applications and cloud applications.

    • This course content is also primarliy written.
  • AWS Billing and Cost Management

    You could consider this course as a written form of the billing module of the second course, it’s a useful way to revise the different billing services introduced by AWS.

  • AWS Foundations: Getting Started with AWS Cloud Essentials

    You cloud also consider this course as an overall written form of the second course. it serves also as a fantastic way to revisit and deepen your knowledge and understanding of cloud concepts and AWS services.

  • Cloud Esstentials Knowledge Badge Assessment

    This is the exam part of the learning path that you need to pass in order to get your knowledge badge.

If you take your time enough with the second course you can expect going through the rest of courses really fast!

so I encourge you to take your time in the second course as it’ll prove the most useful for you!

I took quite a bit of time to go through the content of this learning path and the game! I really enjoyed learning all of this a lot! I put a lot of effort into making my notes and I really love to share them!

I created a comprehensive file of notes - about 1154 lines - in markdown format .md it contains everything I learned and a lot of different external links to AWS docs and other sites that goes beyond the course materials.

If you wish to access it, you can find it on my github repo astrodev-notes then navigate to file AWS Cloud Practitioner

my notes are available in my github account!

or just click this link

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials notes

you can access this amazing learning path via the AWS Skill Builder at Cloud Essentials - Knowledge Badge


At the end, I’d like to thank you for reading this blog post I really appreciate it and you’re the best!

Thanks again! and bye!